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May 2013

Our Company

Our company constitutes a derivative of 40 years activity in the area of the Food Sector and specifically in the production of plant raw materials. With a total privately-owned land of around 2000 acres in North Greece, maize is one of the categories in which experience and quality, contribute in the achievement of high production objectives, within a competitive environment.

The combination of excellent climatic conditions along with ultramodern facilities within one of the few production units in Europe, makes the founders proud and receives credits from old and new collaborators. We are proud to say that we are the only company in Greece which specializes in the production of maize-popcorn but we do not only stop there. The recent investments of the company succeeded with the outcome of a vertical production unit, from the raw material up to the final product.

This has resulted to the increased quality control in every production stage, to the dramatic cost reduction and inductively to the transfer of this reduction to the final point of sale in economic benefit of the consumer.

Organization, precision and quality characterize the fundamental beginnings of our operation, taking into consideration the needs and wants of the final consumer, who guides and inspires us in every step we take.



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