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May 2013

Our People

Benefactor and founder of our raw material production unit, Mr. Stefanos Spartalis, with 50year experience constitutes the heart of the company. As an agriculture graduate of Aristoteleion University, combines knowledge and experience, bringing maximum production and at the same time ensuring excellence in the product quality.

Emmanouil and Savas Spartalis as managing directors of the manufacturing company, transform knowledge into practice, by giving identity and momentum into the final products. With their multiyear experience in the Food Industry, working with companies such as Uniliver,United biscuits, Tate & Lyle, they streamline the company in any functional form, providing an environment that is managed from the final customer back to the company.

Emmanouil Spartalis studied B.Sc in Food Manufacture Management & Marketing at the University of Reading in the UK and M.Sc at Imperial college in London.
Savas Spartalis studied B.Sc in Food Technology in the University of Reading in the UK.
As a production manager Mr. Marios Pournaras, daily ensures the excellence in production flow, along with quality assurance. Along his side production staff who commits with responsibility for the control of the slightest production detail.

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