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May 2013

Our Story

It all began 45 years ago with 100 acres of land and the will to strive, from Mr.Stefanos Spartalis. One of the few people who got a university degree as an agriculturist, at his time. Corn was one of the first products he cultivated with a small team of four and the basic machinery needed to do the job. The first 25 years he managed to make the hundred acres one thousand and to own all the machinery and 2000sqm warehouses, by cultivating different varieties, such as corn, potatoes, durum wheat, sugar bits, industrial tomatoes and cotton. 20 years ago the first attempt was made to cultivate some varieties of popcorn. It took 15 years to determine which varieties where the best for the land and the climate. The last 5 years all this effort was returning success. One of the best varieties of popcorn in the world, with increased expansion, crunchiness and taste was the end result. The fantastic fertility of the soil and the ideal climatic conditions of North Greece made this a success story. In 2009 his sons Emmanouil and Savvas Spartalis took over and invested to a new factory by applying the vertical concept of today’s business. Smartfoods was born. In only 6 months period Smartfoods was the leader in popped popcorn sales in the Greek market. 30.000 small point of sale and collaborations with the most supermarket chains is where today Smartfoods products can be found. The page was turned and a new success story is written.

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